Why should I use Activated Charcoal Soap?

Think of a sponge for a second. Under water, when squeeze it, the sponge pores attract and soak water.

Activated charcoal works the same way as the sponge works. It attracts and draws impurities and from your skin. Charcoal is activated during the continuously heating process. When heat comes in contact with the carbon, it creates enlarges pores and spaces. When we use it, dirt, oil and other impurities and toxins come in contact with activated charcoal, they are trapped and washed away.

This is why activated charcoal is so powerful in cleaning away dirt and purify your skin. This charcoal is used in many industries because of its filtering properties.

Treats Oily Skin:

Women are always careful about their beauty specially skin. And this has proved a real game changer for skin care. Most of the girls have skin issues with the weather change. Activated charcoal absorbs excessive oil along with dirt. Oily skin gets refreshed balanced due to charcoal exfoliating properties.

Shrink Pores:

Clogged pores are a big reason pores to be enlarged. And who wants this wreaking havoc on skin. Obviously, Dust, pollution, smoke and heat set down on our skin and pores and it is extremely important to get rid of these.

Natural Activated Charcoal Soap is helpful in cleaning and shrinking pores and make clarify your skin naturally.

Removes Dryness:

Charcoal is a deep cleansing agent but it does not mean that it dries out your skin. Although it helps in removing excess oil from skin but it does not make your skin dry. It helps in nourishing your skin.

Charcoal is known for thousands of years because of Medical Properties.  Egyptians used to treat their wounds with in. But now people across the world have finally realized the benefits for skin and well-being.

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