Decorating your House with Salt Lamp: Salt lamps as Night Light

Himalayan pink salts lamps are the unique décor item for any living place and also features a unique and beautiful hue. It is popular for food seasoning and even the large blocks of salt used to cook different types of recipes. Salt is also used in spas and as a bath salt for years to relieve different types of health and skin problems. But in home, it is a chic light fixture. Himalayan salt might be beneficial for you, it can works as an antidote for your house and help to boost your mind and relax you. Enjoy by simply placing the Himalayan salt lamp on your table, in office or in your bedroom.

What is the source of Himalayan pink salt lamps?

The salt used in your kitchen is mostly transparent or white but the Himalayan pink salt is identified by its pink or red color. It is loaded with 84 minerals that are essential for human body and presence of iron oxide gives it distinctive hue.

Himalayan pink salt is mined from the world second largest salt source that is Khewra from Punjab region of Pakistan. It is the only source of pink salt, it is free from chemicals and other additives and it is hand mined as well.

To create the Himalayan salt lamp or Himalayan salt night light, the salt crystals is hollowed out and a light bulb is placed inside, the light radiate through the salt creating a beautiful reddish, pink or orange glow.

Decoration with Himalayan Salt Lamps:

Place the salt lamps in that area where you spend lot of time. Consider placing the salt lamps on your TV stand or in the kitchen. The key areas in the home are on the side table next to sofa, in the TV room, or the side table of our bedroom, near a designated homework area on the desk of your home’s office.

The earthiness of Himalayan salt lamps leads them perfectly to zen, they are mostly hand mined or in a nature driven styles like bohemian, global etc. and pink salt lamps often become simply a decorative item. These pretty salt lamps are eye catching so they will work into nearly any décor style. Salt lamps are becoming very hot item in home décor category right now.

Himalayan salt lamps as a night light:

Using Himalayan salt lamps as a night light is a best idea because they are the combination of health and beauty. Himalayan salt night lights are brightness adjustable, so they can be adjusted according to requirement and mood. They can also help to promote the better and peaceful sleep. Put it on the bed side table to increase beauty of your bedroom and for a good sleep to welcome new day in the best way.

Placing salt lamps in your home library or book shelf is also a cool idea. Read books in the relaxing and warming glow of Himalayan salt lamps.

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