Pure Himalayan Pink Salt or Normal Table Salt? Which one you must use?

Salt is one of the most common ingredients that are used for seasoning food on daily basis. However, there are almost nine different types of salt. Over the years, many scientific studies have questioned the benefits and advantages of using one over the other. For instance, many researchers maintain that using Himalayan Pink Salt is better in comparison to normal table salt. It has been stated that normal table salt, when used in excess, can be contagious for health and cause many health risks as well. This is due to sodium which can become direct cause of high-blood pressure or cardiovascular diseases.

There are many things which set the difference between normal table salt and Himalayan Pink Salt:

The Purification Process

The normal table salt which we consume regularly comes into being after being duly processed. It has to be cleaned before it is sold which makes it lose the healthy minerals as well. Therefore, the normal table salt does not have high concentration of minerals which are usually associated with salt.

On the other hand, Himalayan Pink Salt comes from salt mines in Pakistan. Moreover, it is obtained through hand-mining therefore it is not processed. In fact, it retains its pure form which means that it contains electrolytes and minerals that play significant role in our health as well.

Flavoring Difference

It goes without saying that salt is used in foods for flavoring and seasoning. In most of the savory dishes, salt is used for spiking up and bringing out the taste of different ingredients. However, it is a fact that Himalayan Pink Salt is rich in taste in comparison to normal table salt.

Normal table salt can, in fact, taste bland in contrast to Himalayan salt. Not only is the taste different but also less striking when it is compared with hand-mined salt.

Health Benefits

As stated, normal table salt can be caused of high blood pressure and cause other health risks as well. This is why many doctors have recently started to recommend lower amount of salt in daily life to prevent from developing diseases.

Whereas, the Himalayan Pink Salt contains minerals such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorous etc. which are useful for maintaining vigorous health. In addition to that, it is known for regulating sleep which can directly have positive impact on our lifestyle too.

Iodine Content

Another striking difference between the normal table salt and Himalayan Pink Salt is the presence of iodine. The normal table salt does not contain iodine so artificial iodine content is added to its formation during the procession. But the Himalayan Pink Salt contains natural form of iodine.

Iodine is one of the necessary components when it comes to formation of thyroid hormones in the body. When it is consumed in sufficient amounts, it can promote bone as well as brain development in average human body.

In conclusion, it can be assumed that Himalayan Pink Salt has more benefits for our health than normal table salt. Many health conscious people have already started to replace table salt with Himalayan salt and have noticed significant change in their health as well.

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