Why should I use Activated Charcoal Soap?

Think of a sponge for a second. Under water, when squeeze it, the sponge pores attract and soak water.

Activated charcoal works the same way as the sponge works. It attracts and draws impurities and from your skin. Charcoal is activated during the continuously heating process. When heat comes in contact with the carbon, it creates enlarges pores and spaces. When we use it, dirt, oil and other impurities and toxins come in contact with activated charcoal, they are trapped and washed away.

This is why activated charcoal Continue reading “Why should I use Activated Charcoal Soap?”

How Green Tea is best for your Skin?

Most of the cosmetics and skin care products today claim the presence of green tea in their products. This is not just only for marketing gimmick; instead green tea has the plenty of benefits for skin that’s why it is used in many skin care products nowadays.

In this blog, we discuss some reasons that why and how green tea is best choice for your skin to eliminate the skin disorders and make your skin fresh and beautiful.

Treatment of Skin diseases:

The active ingredients in green tea have a great potential to fight against the number of skin diseases like Continue reading “How Green Tea is best for your Skin?”

How Marula Oil can be Beneficial for Hair?

Most of the people probably never heard about the marula essential oil but this wonderful oil is considered as the best treatment for your hair and skin. Marula nuts are belongs to the southern region of south Africa and it has been harvested for thousands of years and used as a natural remedy for the various issues.

Marula oil is extracted from the marula nuts, and it has a fragrant floral with most amazing and powerful properties. Marula essential oil contains the antioxidants even 60 percent more Continue reading “How Marula Oil can be Beneficial for Hair?”

Himalayan salt lamps Replacement Bulbs

WBM International offers the bulbs that are specially designed for the Himalayan pink salt lamps. These bulbs are designed beautifully with 15 or 25 watts. These bulbs are imported and made up of glass, and can be easily adjustable. You can also adjust the brightness of these bulbs according to your requirements. These bulbs are suitable for article 1001, 1332 and 1333 etc.

You can not only use these bulbs in Himalayan salt lamps but also use in candelabra light bulbs. These bulbs are most advance and Continue reading “Himalayan salt lamps Replacement Bulbs”

Beauty of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Have you ever used a Himalayan salt lamp in your house for decoration or for the purpose of natural air purifier? Even if you have not experienced this amazing piece of décor and health yet, have you ever seen or heard the hype of these amazing things? If not, then you are missing something that is made to offer you style and natural health benefits. These are salt made lamps made by the organic and purest salt of the earth. Truth to be told, this is a natural air purifier that can clean the indoor air from bacteria, allergens and viruses. But the question Continue reading “Beauty of Himalayan Salt Lamps”

What is Magnesium and what are the benefits of Magnesium Flakes for Skin?

 What is magnesium?

Magnesium is a micro nutrient and an abundant mineral that is found in human body, and it helps to regulate the hundreds of bio-chemical reactions in the body. It is an essential mineral that is found in the human tissues and bones as well. Our most of the body functions like muscles and nerves Continue reading “What is Magnesium and what are the benefits of Magnesium Flakes for Skin?”