Decorating your House with Salt Lamp: Salt lamps as Night Light

Himalayan pink salts lamps are the unique décor item for any living place and also features a unique and beautiful hue. It is popular for food seasoning and even the large blocks of salt used to cook different types of recipes. Salt is also used in spas and as a bath salt for years to relieve different types of health and skin problems. But in home, it is a chic light fixture. Himalayan salt might be beneficial for you Continue reading “Decorating your House with Salt Lamp: Salt lamps as Night Light”

Beauty of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Have you ever used a Himalayan salt lamp in your house for decoration or for the purpose of natural air purifier? Even if you have not experienced this amazing piece of décor and health yet, have you ever seen or heard the hype of these amazing things? If not, then you are missing something that is made to offer you style and natural health benefits. These are salt made lamps made by the organic and purest salt of the earth. Truth to be told, this is a natural air purifier that can clean the indoor air from bacteria, allergens and viruses. But the question Continue reading “Beauty of Himalayan Salt Lamps”

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps consist of a bulb underneath a large craved mass of mineral rich Himalayan salt which is mined from Khewra Salt Mines in Pakistan. These slat lamps have unique look and emit a mildly warming and orange glow. The salt that is used for manufacturing salt lamps is 100% natural and pure. It contains a lower quantity of Sodium than a regular salt and occurrence of iron oxides in these salt lamps convert their color into pink. Continue reading “Himalayan Salt Lamps”